sábado, 27 de abril de 2013

Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal Day

Yay! I almost didn't make it!
I planned to do a couple of posts before the RD but my computer is not working again and so isn´t my camera.

I was really sorry to hear how Lori is struggling with her health and I wish her to recover soon and strong, specially having a young boy at home. But I must say that to postponed the BSBP worked for me just fine.

Anyhow, here it is.

My wonderful partner this year has been Kristina from Sweden. You should check her blog. Specially if you like cats!

This the soup I sent her. And I can't wait to see what she makes with that. (By the way I had to borrow these pictures from Kristina as I didn´t take pictures before the making!!)

And this is what she sent me. (Again her pictures!!) And by the way I loved everything she sent! And there is a lovely pin that I have not used yet but I will and once is done I will post pictures of it.

I had the hardest time working with her gorgeous focal and clasp and at the end I had to surrender, so I just used the beautiful cords she sent with it. I am in love with it and as it happens it matches with the first ring I ever made, so this is a keeper for me.

Then I started fiddling with a see glass and wrapped around it some silver and seadbeads. Then I got really stuck so that's how it is right now. Just a lovely pendant.

I was getting a bit frustrated because I realised that these pieces, even though beautiful, they didn't really had much to it. So I decided to do something else with some of the beads she sent.

And I came up with this pretty brass bracelet.

I hope you have enjoyed my creations. And I would love to hear your thoughts.
Have a lovely day!!

jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

Bead Soup Blog Party

It has been too long after my last post, but bussiness has been resumed.

The first step I am taking is to be part of the Bead Soup Blog Party hosted by Lori Anderson.

The reveal date is next Saturday. So, see you then!

martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

More Lark books giveaways!!

Lori Anderson from Pretty Things is still giving away books! And not just any book but really interesting books.

If you would like a chance of winning any of them (I do) visit her Blog right now as these are quick giveaways.

There are two different ones.
To go to the second one click here
And for the last one click here.


Lori Anderson de Pretty Things está sorteando ¡más libros!y no cualquier libro, sino libros más que interesantes.

Si te gustaría una oportunidad de ganar uno de ellos ( y yo quiero) visita su Blog ahora mismo, ya estos son unos sorteos bastante rápidos.

Hay dos sorteos diferentes.
Para ir al primero pincha aquí.
Y para el último pincha aquí.

sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2012

Lark books giveaway by Lori

A new season starts and a lot of things start to happen in Blogland.

Lori Anderson is having a fabulous giveaway that you don't really want to miss.
She is giving away three fantastic books and you could be the lucky winner of one of them.

I wish, I wish the one written by Gordon K Uyehara who is a wonderful artist from Hawaii. He works with Metal Clay and his pieces are just astonishing.

But there are other books too that look interesting and worth having.
Don't miss out as Tuesday is the last day.


Comienza un nuevo curso y un montón de cosas están ocurriendo ya en Blogolandia.

Lori Anderson está organizando un sorteo que no te quieres perder.
Está regalando tres libros fabulosos y tú podrías ser el ganador de uno de ellos.

Yo me pido, me pido el de Gordon K Uyehara que es un artista increíble Hawaiano. Él trabaja con Metal Clay y sus piezas son fabulosas.

Pero hay otros dos libros que parecen interesantes y valdría la pena tener.
No os lo perdais ya que el Martes es el último día.

viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2012

My first ring

Wow! It has been  so long since I made this ring!
I can believe how fast time flies. I made it back in May, but didn't get to take pictures or post about it until now.
I hope that now that I don't have to go to physical rehab everyday anymore I can get back on track on my jewellery making and on my blogging too!

This is my first attempt at ring making and stone setting.
I have used sterling silver, fine silver and the stone is a beautiful Labradorite in a beautiful tear shape.

Last January I got some new tools and a video made by Roma Buchanan on metalsmithing, and there was a tutorial on stone setting, but it hasn't been until last May that I got to work with it.

I can believe I made it on the first attempt!
It really got properly soldered and the stone fitted perfectly. What an achievement! And it was so encouraging! I always wanted to take on silversmithing classes, but haven't been able to. So for me, right now my best option is to learn on my own with tutorials and videos.
It is just a shame that I haven't had the time to work more on it.

Its still a bit rough around the edges, but I actually like the look of it.
It is a statement ring as it is quite big but it looks great. I have wore it often as it is like a milestone for me and a reminder that I can actually do it! And the best part is that I am loving it.

My two little ones are starting School on Monday, but it won't be until the end of September that they will be attending school for the full hours, so still is going to be a busy month for me, but hopefully after that it will be show time!

Yesterday I read in Facebook a quite funny quote.
Someone said that September is the Monday of the months. I found it very funny, but quite untrue, as I see it as an opportunity to start on new things.

So have you got any plans for this new and exciting part of the year?


¡Wow! Ya hace un montón de tiempo que hice este anillo.
Es increíble cómo pasa el tiempo. lo hice en Mayo, pero no me he parado a hacerle las fotos y escribir en el blog hasta ahora.
Esperemos que ahora que no tengo que ir todos los día a rehabilitación pueda dedicarle más tiempo a mis joyas y al blog.

Este es mi primer intento de hacer un anillo y de engastar piedras.
He utilizado plata de ley, plata fina y una labradorita preciosa en forma de lágrima.

En Enero compré nuevas herramientas y un video de Roma Buchanan de joyería, y había un tutorial de engastar piedras, pero no ha sido hasta Mayo que comencé a trabajar con él.

¡No me puedo creer que me salió a la primera!
Me soldó a la primera y la piedra encajó a la perfección. ¡Qué logro! ¡Y qué animos me dá!
Siempre he querido asistir a clases de joyería, pero de momento no me ha sido posible. Así que por ahora mi manera de poder aprender es a base de ver y leer tutoriales. vamos, que tengo que ser autodidacta.
Lo que si que es una pena es que no tengo más tiempo para dedicarle.

El anillo ha quedado sin refinar, pero la verdad es que me gusta como ha quedado.
Es un anillo bastante grande pero queda genial puesto. De hecho me lo he puesto muchas veces ya que es como un recordatorio de lo que he conseguido. Y lo mejor es que ¡me encanta!

Mis dos nenas empiezan el cole el Lunes, aunque no será hasta finales de Septiembre que comiencen el horario completo, así que aún va ha estar complicado para mí, pero esperemos que una vez que empiecen sea ¡Showtime!

Ayer leí un comentario en Facebook que me hizo reir.
Alguien dijo que Septiembre es el Lunes de los mese. Me pareció divertido pero poco cierto, ya que a mi parecer Septiember trae oportunidades de comenzar cosas nuevas.

¿Teneis algún plan interesante para este nuevo curso?

miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012


I have been thinking about writing this post or not for few days now as this has been a little bit distressing for me.

On the last BSBP post I said something not very kind to my partner Shiraz.
I said I hated some of the beads she sent me.

Before I get started on the subject I would like to say that it wasn't my intention to be ungrateful or unkind to her at all in any way. In fact I was very pleased with the soup ingredients she sent me. 
And because she sent the beads so early on I had plenty of time to work on my pieces and I have truly enjoyed working with her.

Going back to the issue.
I did say that I hated the beads.
First, i didn't think the word hate was such a strong word in the English language as people use it all the time to say things they don't like, or the don't want to do.

The beads that I was referring to were evil's eyes.
As I mentioned on my earlier post these beads are traditionally thought to protect you from evil.
The beads are not actually ugly, despite the fact they look like eyes, but it is not the look that make me dislike them, but all that supernatural theme around them.
I have always been too cautious with everything that has anything to do with amulets, charms and supernatural.
I don't even read my zodiac sign on the papers or even watch movies with ghosts and spirits on them. And when I see one of those ladies that read your future I run as fast as I can.

So this is the reason I had issues working with those beads.
But as you see I decided to work with them despite everything I just said.

There were many other beads Shiraz sent that were very pretty to work with and I didn't on this occasion. I worked with those evil's eyes because it was a challenge I wanted to take on.
So the fact that I chose to work with those beads was a way of respect to her, because rather than getting rid of them I created a pretty and meaningful bracelet. 

I would like to thank everyone who has brought this to my attention, otherwise I wouldn´t have known that I was being unkind towards Shiraz.

As for her, she has been too kind for not taking any offence, or at least not saying anything. I would like you know that I have already apologised to her.


Llevo unos días dándole vueltas a la cabeza para escribir o no este post, ya que esto me ha afectado un poco.

Parece ser que en último evento del BSBP dije algo no muy apropiado referente a mi compañera Shiraz.
Dije que odiaba algunas de las cuentas que me envió.

Aunque antes de empezar, me gustaría dejar claro que en ningún momento fué mi intención ser desgradecida  o nada por el estilo. De hecho, estaba más que contenta con lo que me envió.
Y ya que mandó las cuentas tan pronto he tenido tiempo más que suficiente para trabajar en mis piezas y he disfrutado muchísimo trabajando con ella.

Volviendo al tema.
Dije que odiaba las cuentas.
En primer lugar, no pensé que la palabra hate era una palabra tan fuerte en la lengua Inglesa, y aque la gente la usa todo el tiempo para decir cosas que npo les gusta o no quieren hacer.

Las cuentas a las que me refería son los Ojos Turcos.
Como ya os comenté en mi anterior entrada en el Blog, esas cuentas son tradicionalmente usadas para protegerse del mal de ojo.
Las cuentas en sí no son feas, aunque parezcan ojos, pero no es eso lo que me echa para atrás a la hora de usarlas, sino todo lo supernatural asociado a ellas.
Yo he sido siempre muy cuidadosa con todo lo que tiene que ver con amuletos, cosas de la suerte y lo sobrenatural en general.
De echo, ni tan siquiera leo my signo del Zodiaco o veo películas que tengan que ver con espíritus y fantasmas. Y si veo una de esas mujeres que te leen la mano corro lo más rápido que puedo.

Y en definitiva esta es la razón por la que tenía problemas a la hora de usar esas cuentas.
Pero como habeis visto decidí hacerlo a pesar de todo lo que os acabo de comentar.

Había otras muchas cuentas que Shiraz me había mandado que eran preciosas pero con las que no he trabajado en esta ocasión. Decidí trabajar con esos Ojos Turcos porque realmente era un reto para mí.
Así que para mi entender el hecho de que quise trabajar con esas cuentas es en cierta manera una muestra de mi respeto hacia ella,, ya que en lugar de tirarlas o deshacerme de ellas he creado una pulsera que además de ser bonita tiene significado.

Me gustaría agradecer a todas esas personas que me han llamado la atención al respecto, ya que si no hubiese sido así ni me hubiese enterado del feo que le he hecho a Shiraz.

En cuanto a ella, pues bien, ha sido encantadora, ya que no se lo ha tomado a mal, o por lo menos no me lo ha dicho.
Me gustaría terminar diciendo que ya le pedí disculpas por lo ocurrido.

sábado, 25 de agosto de 2012

BSBP: Reveal Day

The day has finally come!
This party seemed like a long wait, since this time I got my beads ages ago and I started to work on my pieces as soon as I got them.

To tell you the truth I am quite pleased with what I have made.
But first let me remind you who my parter is and where she is from.

My Partner is called Shiraz Biggie, and she is from New York, the Big Apple.
She writes a blog called Secret Songs Designs and if you would like to buy any of her creations she also has an Etsy shop.

She sent me a lovely selection of beads which were good fun to work with.
Seriously, I had many ideas but not enough beads to make them. I had even consider to ask her to send me more beads!
I have truly enjoyed working with this soup although I had a couple of challenges during the process.
If you would like to see what Shiraz sent me just go here.

Each piece has a bit of a story, so lets begin.

My first piece was a huge challenge for me because I didn´t like the beads. But that is ok.
This beads are traditionally used to guard you from evil as amulets, but I don't believe in the power of amulets or anything of the sort, although I do believe that there is a spiritual world and we should be aware of it.
The question is if these amulets do work, or if it is just a way for people to make money.
I believe that the best way of keeping yourself from evil is by having faith in Jesus. That's way I made that tag and I also believe that when things don't go well, you need to keep having faith and hope, as better times will come.
So this is  the story behind this bracelet. The beads themselves are powerless, but faith and hope are not. They have the power of lifting you up and take you far, take you to your goals and dreams.
So as you see, this bracelet started being something I disliked, but has become one of my favourites and I have decide to encourage someone else by giving it away to anyone who leaves a comment in this post.

For this bracelet I made two tags in copper with the words faith and hope, and I made the clasp also in copper.

My next piece is also a bracelet.
I made a focal piece using some of the mother of pearl beads Shiraz sent me.
It looks fantastic! And I love the fact taht the beads swivel.
Here I had two choices. One was to use the blue beads she sent me, wich are lovely or go with the colours of the focal. 
At the end I decided to go with the browns and beiges but then used red beads to break that soft palette of colours and I must say that it does work very nicely. 
Here I have also used the clasp she sent me. 

What do you say? Should I have gone with the blues instead?

And now the star of the show. 
I am just so sorry that my pictures are not that great and therefore don't really show all the colours and textures of the pieces.

Opposite to the other pieces I had no idea what to do when I started making this necklace, so I just had to go along and do what the beads were telling me to do (sort of speak). 
I started off with the thicker strand of beads, made with some of the beads Shiraz sent me and some that I had in my stash. I also added some bronze beads in different sizes, shapes and textures. It looked good but poor.
Then I made another strand with seed beads in different shades of brown. Nice, but it needed more.
Finally I had a piece of green leather that matched the colour of the focal piece to perfection. Thre was only one problem, it was too short! I had to add a bit of a chainmaille that I made myself and it looked the bussines.
For the clasp, I used another of those lovely square Mother of Pearl beads and made a little bar with copper and I had a pretty and unique clasp.
Then there was the issue of attaching the focal to the necklace. I made a bail with hammered copper and that was it.
This necklace is quite different to what I normally make as I make more simple and romantic pieces. But I am very happy with the end result.

I would like to thank you for your time and to Lori Anderson for organizing this event.

And if you would like to visit the other participants, get cracking as we are a lot of artists!
You can find the whole list with all the links in here.

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