martes, 25 de enero de 2011



David Weiman says that we should be sending a hand written thank you card to all of our high end customers.
It may be that I don't have a big amount of orders, but I do send it to everyone that has taken the time and money to buy something that I've made.

I could imagine that if you have dozens of order to send, it may be hard work, and time consuming; but as I have just said, it is not my case ;)

Do you send thank you notes? If so, are they hand written? Handmade? Do you use your own card or stationary?

David Weiman dice que deberiamos escribir a mano las tarjetas que mandemos para agradecer una compra de gran volumen. 
Puede que sea porque yo no tengo muchos pedido por correo, pero yo mando una tarjeta de agradecimiento a todos aquellos que han tomado de su tiempo y dinero para comprar algo que yo he hecho. 

Supongo que si tienes millones de pedidos que mandar, pue si que se hace una tarea pesada, pero como ya he dicho, no es mi caso ;)

Mandais tarjetas de agradecimiento? Las escribis a mano? Las haceis vosotros mismos? Utilizas tus propias tarjetas?

2 comentarios:

Brandi dijo...

I do! I like sending a quick handwritten note along with each order. I think it's a nice touch, and hopefully expresses my gratitude for their business.

Noemi dijo...

That's it Brandi. That's what I wanted to say. It is not just the fact that you are saying thank you, but that you actually mean it.

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