miércoles, 12 de enero de 2011


To be honest, I have never been a big fan of them until now. 

I always had in mind a strand of big pearls on an old lady's neck (or Lisa and Marge Simpson). Or again big pearls on earrings for a very glamorose Holywood stars. And I liked how it looked on them, but I didn't see myself wearing them or for that matter making jewellery with them!!

As I am writing this I have to say that I have been using them a LOT lately, and I am loving them. It such a versatile bead to use. I would say that it goes with almost anything. 

I love the way it works with black leather./
Me encanta lo bien que va con cuero negro.

With Czech cristal./
Con cristal checo.

With Agate. /
Con Agata. 

With black onyx stone./
Con Onix negro.

On a dangle with lava stone./
En un colgante con piedra de lava.

Pearls are simple and yet they make such a statement.  


Para seros siceros nunca me gustaron demasiado las perlas, hasta ahora. 

No se , siempre tenia en mente la idea de uno collar de perlas gordas en el cuello de una senhora mayor (o Lisa y Marge Simpson). O si no, los grandes pendientes de perlas que llevaban algunas estrellas glamurosas de Holywood. Y me gustaban en ellas, pero yo no me veia poniendome algo asi, ni tampoco usandolas en mis joyas. 

He de confesar que he estado utilizando perlasultimamente MUCHISIMO, y me encantan! Es una pieza tan versatil. Diria que pega con casi todo. 

Las perlas brillan por si solas. 

2 comentarios:

SilverNikNats dijo...

I Love that bracelet! I'm the same,I did not reailly like pearls until I started making jewellery and now I can't get enough of them.

Noemi dijo...

Thanks! It is one of my favs. I should have kept one for me. I only made five of those and I sold them all!!

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