sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

What I surprise I got today! / Menuda sorpresa me he llevado hoy!

Today has been a very special day for various reasons.
First of all one of my sisters in law came today from London, and guess what she brought..........  Hotel Chocolat Truffles!!
My beloved husband had asked her to get me a HUGE box of them. How sweet is that? I didn't expect it at all. I love truffles, but these are by far the best. I am getting spoiled. Isn't it great?

If you happen to be in England DO NOT miss the opportunity of going into one of their shops. You won't regret it, although you pocket might. This chocolates are by far the best I've ever eaten. And I have eaten a lot. 

One other reason why today has been a special day, and almost as important as the chocolates is that today I managed to work a little bit. I only made a couple of custom orders, and although they only were a pair of earrings and a dangle it took me ages to make them, but at least  I am on the road of recovery. 

This is the dangle I made. As it happens someone bought from me a pair of earrings with the same stone (sorry don't have the pictures) as a present for someone else, and that person loved the earrings so she wanted a dangle to match to wear on a sterling silver chain, so this is what I made for her.  

It is very simple, but it is also very neat. The stone is crack quartz with sterling silver, and with the light it shines beautifully.


Hoy ha sido un dia bastante especial por varias razones. 
En primer lugar mi cunhada ha venido de Londres y adivina que ha traido.............Trufas de Hotel Chocolat!!
Mi queridisimo marido le habia encargado una caja ENORME. Que dulce, verdad? No me lo esperaba para nada. Me encantan las trufas, y estas son las mejores. Me estan mimando. No es genial?

Si vas a Inglaterra no pierdas la oportunidad de ir a una de sus tiendas. No te arrepentiras, aunque puede que tu bolsillo si. Estos chocolates son los mejores que he comido, y creeme, he comido muchos.

Otra de las razones por la que hoy es un dia especial, y casi tan importante como los chocolates es que he conseguido trabajar un poquito. Tan solo he hecho un par de pedidos, y aunque solo han sido un par de pendientes y un colgante me ha llevado una eternidad en terminarlos, pero bueno, ya he comenzado que es lo importante. 

Este es el colgante que he hecho. Alguien me compro un par de pendientes con la misma piedra para un regalo (lo siento pero no tengo fotos), y le encantaron los pendientes, asi que me ha encargado un colgante a juego para ponerlo en su cadena de plata, asi que esto es lo que he hecho para ella. 

Es muy sencillo, pero muy bonito. Es plata 925 con cuarzo craquelado, y en la luz tiene un brillo precioso.

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Andrea dijo...

Those chocolates look divine. I might have to plan a trip around them. I am definitely a chocolate fanatic!

Arlee Bird dijo...

Truffles are so good even though I really shouldn't be eating them. If I had a box here I would indulger no doubt.

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge!

I've added myself as a follower to your blog.

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Kristen dijo...

I am very excited to see your A-Z posts and I have to say that pendant is so sweet and stunning!

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