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B - Bracelets


Today the letter we have to work with is the letter B.
There were so many things I wanted to talk today with that letter that has taken me half a day to decide what to write, but hey, since I make jewelry what could be better than talk about Bracelets.

Another word that came to my mind was Blessings. The fact that we have to count our blessings and stop taking for granted all that we have. Just look around, look at the news, listen to the radio and see the life of family and friends and you will know exactly what I am talking about. Just look at myself, I went into surgery for a fairly simple operation, but things got a bit complicated and I spent almost a month in hospital and right now I am in bed taking so many drugs to control my pain, but do you know what?, I have a fantastic family and friends who have been taking care of  me at all times. And believe me I am ok, it's just something wrong with my sciatic nerve, and the worst thing that can happen is that I will need crutches to walk, but it is not a breast cancer or a brain tumor. Believe me I am learning a lot trough all this situation and other good thing is that I have all the time of the world to read other people's blogs participating on this challenge.

And now going back to the BRACELETS.
I love to make them, and of course to wear them, specially when the good weather comes and you can show them off. Who doesn't like to wear a lovely bracelet?

Before I start showing you some of the bracelets I've made, I would like to tell you that everything is sterling silver, and I never use plastic or resins, I normally buy the crystal beads to lampworkers and all stones are semiprecious. I get all my material from proper beading shops or from other artists.

This is the first one I made, and it took me one day to sell it. I couldn't believe it! Someone, somewhere wanted to by something that I made, and it wasn't cheap; because when I started to make it I didn't think on how many materials I was using, I was just designing. And since then, that's what I do, I just design, the pricing comes later.

Then I had some leather and I used it with pearls. I wasn't a big fun of pearls until I started to use them. Normally I only make one of each design, so they are exclusive, but this one was so popular that I made five, just as an exception. 
This one has a sterling silver clasp and beads, real leather and a cultivated river pearl.

I don't want to bore you with the story of each bracelet I've made, and let me tell you there is a story behind each one of them, so let me just show you some pictures of the latest ones.
There is something you should know, I am trying to learn to take proper photographs, but it is turning more difficult than expected, so bear with me on that. ;)

I truly hope you like them, and just so you know I am working on setting my on line shop. Wait for the letter E for the grand opening!


La letra que toca hoy es la letra B.
Habia tantas cosas con esa letra que queria contaros que me ha llevado medio dia decidir que escrir, per hey, ya que hago joyeria y bisuteria que mejor que hablar de pulseras/brazaletes.

Otra de las palabras que me venian a la mente era Bendiciones. El hecho de que tenemos que contar nuestras bendiciones y dejar de dar por sentado nuestra suerte. Simplemente mira a tu alrdedor, lee las noticias, escucha la radio y mira la vida de tu familia y amigos y sabras exactamente de lo que te hablo.
Mirame a mi. Fui a una operacion supuestamente muy sencilla, pero las cosas se complicaron y me pase cerca de un mes en el hospital y ahora mismo estoy en casa tomando una gran cantidad de drogas para controlar el dolor, pero sabes que, tengo una fantastica familia  y amigos que me han estado cuidando todo el tiempo. Y creedme, estoy bien, es solamente que durante la operacion me danharon el nervio ciatico, y lo peor que me puede pasar es que necesite muletas para poder caminar, pero no es un cancer de mama o un tumor cerebral. Lo cierto es que estoy aprendiendo muchisimo a traves de esta situacion y otra buena cosa es que tengo todo eel tiempo del mundo para leer los blogs de otros participantes. 

Y ahora volviendo a las pulseras.
Me encanta hacerlas, y por supuesto llevarlas puestas, sobretodo cuando llega el buen tiempo y las puedes ensenhar. A quien no le gusta llevar una pulsera bonita?

Antes de mpezar a ensenharte algunas de las pulseras que he hecho, quisiera deciros que todo esta hecho en plata de ley y nunca utilizo plasticos o sinteticos, normalmente compra cuaentas hechas a mano a artesanos y todas las piedras son semipreciosas. Compro todo mi material en tiendas especializadas y a artesanos. 

Esta es la primera pulsera que hice, y me llevo un dia venderla. No me lo podia creer! Alguien, en alguna parte queria comprar algo que yo hice y no era barato, porque cuando comence a hacer la pulsera no pense en la cantidad de material que le estaba poniendo, simplemente estaba disenhando. Y desde entonces, eso es lo que hago, primero disenho y luego le pongo el precio.

Tenia algo de cuero y lo utilice con perlas. A mi las perlas no eran algo que me gustasen mucho hasta que comence a trabajar con ellas. Normalmente solo hago una pieza de cada disenho, asi que son exclusivas, pero esta gusto tanto que hice cinco, pero como una excepcion. 
Esta tiene el cierre y las cuentas de plata con una perla de rio cultivada. 

No quisiera aburriros con las historias detras de cada pulsera que he hecho, y dejame decirte que hay una historia detras de cada una, asi que dejame ensenharos fotos de las ultimas que he hecho.
Por cierto, hay algo que deberiais saber, y es que estoy aprendiendo a tomar buenas fotos de mis piezas, pero esta siendo mas dificil de lo que creia, asi que pciencia conmigo ;)

De verdad espero que os hayan gustado, y sabed que estoy montando mi tienda on line. Esperad a la letra E para la gran inauguracion.

9 comentarios:

The Golden Eagle dijo...

I love the bracelets you made! They're so elegant.

Thanks for coming by my blog, by the way. :)

Heather Henry dijo...

This is a very beautiful blog. What a sweetness you have about you. I can see why your mum sees Audrey like qualities in you. It's very obvious just in the two posts I read, that you have a very lovely, generous, kind spirit.
I love your jewelry, I am excited for the opening of your store. I already saw several items that I would love to buy. They are very lovely and I like their uniqueness.
Have a beautiful weekend.
I will be following along to see where you go with this challenge.


DiscConnected dijo...

As I read your blog, written in two languages, I am embarassed that in as many years as I have lived on this ball of mud, I only know one language (English, obviously), plus the little I remember from high school French.

A big reason of course, is that the US geography does not make it necessary, although for the last several years I've lived within a short drive of Mexico.

Maybe someday I'll invest the time and learn more Spanish than the Taco Bell menu!

Well written! It's good to have a creative hobby.


junebug dijo...

Those are some great pieces. I really liked the simplicity of the black one with the one white stone. Simple and elegant. I love bracelets and I've made a few but I rarely wear them. Or have somewhere to wear them.

Jennifer dijo...

Your jewelry is beautiful, and I love your words about counting our blessings. It's obvious you have a kind and gentle spirit, and I look forward to following your blog.

Sylvia van Bruggen dijo...

Those bracelets are gorgeous! Good luck with the etsy store :)

SilverNikNats dijo...

Fantastic bracelets! Cant wait till E! Loving your a-z!

Trisha dijo...

Those are gorgeous bracelets!

Jennifer Shirk dijo...

Your attitude and thoughts on blessings warmed my heart. :)

Love the bracelets too. I do enjoy wearing them--especially when I go out at night I love a big dangly one. :)

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