lunes, 4 de abril de 2011

Day 3 = C - Creativity

                                Entrada correspondiente a la letra c en el Diccionario de autoridades.

Risking that many of you will go for the same word, here it is: Today's word is Creativity.

There is a fact that some people are born with more disposition than others, to the point where you can get people that the only thing they can do is to follow orders, other people and trends and then you can get genius like Dali, Shakespeare or Mozart to just mention few.

We've gone to the two extremes, but what about the people in between?
How much creativity do we have? Is there a way to increase it? Is there a way where we can go from mediocre to exceptional?

I believe that creativity is like a plant. We all have the seeds and is up to us to take care of it, to feed it.When things go wrong into our lives, creativity can make us stronger and also be a refuge. It is up to us to make it grow.
We can take on courses, study, have a mentor, and practice a lot.
But there is another issue: ability. We can have the best idea (creativity) but we don't know how to use it (ability).
Sometimes I get good ideas for designs for my jewelry, but maybe I am not familiar with the technique I need to implement, so what do I do? I work and work on the same design until it comes out the way I want. That's hard work, but at the end is worth it.

My question for today is: how do you feed your creativity? And your ability?


Arriesgandome a que muchos de vosotros utiliceis la misma palabra, aqui esta: La palabra de hoy es Creatividad.

Es un hecho el que hay gente que nacen con mas disposicion que otras, hasta el punto donde encuentras gente que solo saben cumplir ordenes, seguir a otra gente  y a las modas y luego encuentras genios como Dali, Shakespeare o Mozart por poner unos ejemplos. 

Me he ido a los extremos, pero que pasa con las personas que estan entremedio?
Cuanta creatividad tenemos? Hay alguna manera de incrementarla? Hay alguna manera de psar de ser mediocre a ser excepcional?

Yo creo que la creatividades como un planta. Todos tenemos las semillas y depende de nosotros el cuidar de ellas, de alimentarlas, y de usarla.  Cuando las cosas no van bien en nuestras vidas, la creatividad puede hacernos mas fuertes y tambien puede servir de refugio.Esta en nuestras manos el que crezca. 
Podemos hacer cursos, estudiar, tener un mentor y practicar muchisimo.

Pero hay otro tema: habilidad. Podemos tener una ide genial (creativida) pero no sabemos usarla (habilidad).

Hay veces en las que se me ocurren ideas para disenhos para mis joyas, pero puede que no  sea familiar con la tecnica que necesito utilizar, asi que, que hago? Trabajo y trabajo en el mismo disenho hasta que consigo hacer lo que queria. Es duro trabajo, pero al final vale la pena.

Mi pregunta hoy es : como alimentas tu creatividad? Y tu habilidad?

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Gregg dijo...

This actually is only the second post I have seen on creativity in about 50 or so posts I have visited.

In your line of "work" a writer need a tremendous amount of creativity. In my line of work, a pastor who preaches and teaches the bible to God's people, I have no leeway or license for creativity. I must carefully discover the author's intended meaning of the text and deliver that meaning to my people without any changing of the meaning at all.

You, as a writer are like the chef, you create the delightful meal with lots of creativity of spices, herbs, sauces, et. cetera. I am like the waiter, I can't monkey around with your creation, my job is to simply take the meal from your talented hands and place it on the table to be enjoyed.

God is like the chef, He created His Word with His intended meaning, and as a waiter I must take that prepared food to the table without monkeying around with it.

Good post!

Gregg Metcalf
Colossians 1:28-29

Gospel-driven Disciples

Langley dijo...

Super post. Creativity is a wonderful choice for C. I love that you are doing this in English and Spanish. Bravo for you.

Heather Henry dijo...

Again, another beautiful post. I like what Gregg had to say as well. I think ability comes naturally but also requires hard work to become the best that you can be with your ability. It's not a competition against others, just a desire to achieve the best within yourself and give that as a gift to the world. I have recently started drawing/painting again and I am finding that it does take a lot of doing to get to where I want to be. I'm not there yet, but will continue to work towards that goal of being who God created me to be.
I think you are very creative. Thanks!! :)

Jayne dijo...

Good question. I think ability increases the more people flex it, like a muscle. :)

Jennifer dijo...

Beautiful post on creativity and a very interesting question! There are some people who are so obviously gifted and don't have to work very hard to foster their creativity. I notice in myself that there are days when creativity flows much more easily and some days I feel my well is dry. But, it definitely helps to surround myself and seek out others who inspire me.

Margaret Almon dijo...

I've been going into my studio first thing in the morning instead of getting on the computer, and that has helped my creativity, because I go in fresh, to do something I love doing.

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