jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

F- Fun

What a fantastic word for today. Don't you think?

I love having fun.
Having fun with my family.
Having fun with my friends.
Having fun at work.
Having fun everywhere I go.
Even when I go to hospital for my Physio Rehab.

Did you know that laughing increases oxygen intake and replenish ad invigorate cells? It also boots immunity and relieves stress.
15 minutes of laughter equals the benefit of 2 hours sleep and 1 hour of yoga. . 
Laughter releases endorphins giving us the "feel good factor". 

I have never done yoga, but I have laughed a lot many times. So I don't really know in which level of yoga am I at.

My mum's family is very funny, so I have always liked spending time with my aunts and uncles and my granny.
My mum's family is a quite large family and every time we gather I have the best of times, because we laugh from the moment that we start setting the tables until everyone is gone.
Isn't that fantastic? I love it. 
I remember once, that my granny phoned me just because she just heard a joke and it was so funny that  she wanted to share it with me. The joke was indeed funny, but I loved my granny for thinking of me. 

But nowadays when I have more fun is with my own family, specially with my daughters. 
They always come up with something funny. So yes, I love to have fun, don't you?


Que palabra mas maravillosa la de hoy. No os parece? Diversion.

Me encanta divertirme.
Divertirme con mi familia.
Divertirme con mis amigos.
Divertirme en el trabajo.
Divertirme alla donde vaya.
Incluso en el hospital cuando voy a Fisioterapia.

Sabias que el reir aumenta la entrada de oxigeno y repone y tonifica las celulas? Tambien aumenta las defensas y descarga el estress.
15 minutos de risa equivale a los beneficios de dos horas de suenho y a una hora de yoga.
La risa produce endorfinas dandonos un sentido de bienestar.

Nunca he hecho yoga, pero me he reido muchisimo. Asi que no se por que nivel andare.

La familia de mi madre es muy divertida, asi que siempre me ha gustado pasar tiempo con mis tio y tias y mi abuela.
La familia de mi madre es bastante grande asi que cada que nos juntamos lo paso genial, porque ya empezamos a reir desde el momento que empezamos a poner la mesa hasta que cada uno se va a casa.
Una vez mi abuela me llamo por telefono tan solo porque habia escuchado un chiste y era tan gracioso que me lo queria contar. El chiste era de verdad gracioso, pero me encanto que mi abuela pensara en mi.

Pero ultimamente cuando mejor me lo paso es con mi propia familia, especialmente con mis hijas.
Ellas siempre tienen una salida fraciosa. Asi que si, me encanta divertirme, a ti no?

4 comentarios:

JUNE dijo...

I think maybe you are pretty high up in the yoga world...thanx for the beautiful words...now I am going to go check out your new esty shop..great bracelet. thx again, june

Heather Henry dijo...

I agree, laughter is truly good for your health and well being. I have 3 boys and they are so funny. We laugh all the time, it's so wonderful to be around fun and funny people. :D

Joanna dijo...

Hello Noemi,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your post on Fun too.

Trudy dijo...

Hola! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the wonderful comment. I look forward to learning more about you and visiting your blog during this A to Z challenge.

I love to have fun too!

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