sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

M - Mood

For yesterdays post I couldn't decide what to write.
Don't you get one of those days that even if you write something it means nothing to you, because it is not coming from your heart?. It might be coming from your brain, but for me it doesn't work.
 I had many words with  M to write, like Music, Metal, Metal clay, Motherhood and many more, but it just didn't flow, but finally my M post will be about Mood.

Yes, how do you feel today? In what Mood are you today?

Yesterday I was rather down. I felt sad for my situation, because I miss my girls.
The funny thing is that the reason I was in such Mood was that I had a great time with them yesterday.
I just sat with them in the sofa for about 20 minutes, and we were hugging and kissing each other, and laughing and just enjoying being together, but the I had to go to bed, because my pain started to raise and I just couldn't be there anymore.
I was happy for the fact that we could share such a beautiful moment after such a long time, but then I became sad because I had to leave them and I don't know when something like this would happen again.
So you see, I was in a rather sad Mood yesterday, but today is a new day and I am in a better mood. Still with pain and the same problems, but I am looking at them in a different way, and that makes the difference.

                                               (Mugs from Thabto)


Para el post de ayer no me decidia que escribir.
No hay dias en los que si te fuerzas a escribir lo que escribes no significa nada, porque no viene de tu corazon? Puede que venga de tu mente, pero para mi no funciona.
Tenia muchas palabra con M para esscribir, como Musica, Metal, Pasta de plata Metal Clay), Maternidad y otras cuantas mas, pero no me salia, asi que mi post sera acerca del estado de animo (Mood).

Asi que, que tal te encuentras hoy? En que estado de animo estas?

Ayer estaba un poco baja de animo. Me senti triste por mi situacion, porque echo de menos a mis nenas. El caso es que la razon de que me pusiese asi es que ayer pase un tiempo genial con ellas.

Simplemente me sente en el sofa con ellas unos 20 minutos, y estuvimos abrazandonos y dandonos besitos y queriendonos muchos y riendonos y simplemente disfrutando de estar juntas, pero entonces me tuve que ir a la cama porque el dolor ya se volvioinsoportable y ya n podia estar ahi mas tiempo. 

Estaba contenta por el hecho de haber pasado un tiempo tan bonito con ellas despues de tanto tiempo, pero entonces me deprimi porque me tuve que ir y no se cuando volveremos a estar asi otra vez. 

Asi que ya veis, ayer estaba en un estado de animo bastante trista, pero hoy es un nuevo dia y estoy mejor. Asi que estoy con los mismos dolores y los mismod problemas, pero mirandolos de una manera diferente y eso hace la diferencia.

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Monica dijo...

I was in a funk yesterday, rather cranky. But, today is a new day and everything , including my dark mood has brightened!! Great post! Found you from the A-Z Challenge, I’m now following you on GFC and I hope you have a chance to check out my blog!

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