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V - Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh has always been one of my favorite artists.
I love the way he stands out with his painting and how little he cared of what people thought about it.
You would think he was a brave man, but in fact he was quite shy and sensitive, very closed to his brother and all that took him to be a very temperamental and a difficult man, in fact he ended up mentally unstable.

You could see throughout his art what was going on in his mind on every moment of his life. He was a troubled man and he ended up his life in a tragic mode, he committed suicide. His life was a sad life, but his work was full of color, of dreams to come true, of shining stars.

I have always be inspired by his work. Everytime I saw one of his paintings of Paris, I wished with all my heart to travel to Paris. Everytime I saw a painting of his flowers I wished to be walking on a field full of them. Everytime I saw a picture of himself, I wished I could have been there to help him out.
Vincent Van Gogh had the ability of making me feel something. I have never been unemotional when seeing any of his paintings, and I think that is exactly that what makes me like him so much.
There are few paintings that touch me every time I see them.

 "The cafe terrace by night"

 "Starry night over Rhone"

"Wheat field with crows"

And many more. I just see so much meaning behind the paintings, that I could be writing pages and pages. So I will stop here by now. 


Vincent Van Goghha sido siempre uno de mis artistas favoritos.
Me encanta la manera en la que siempre ha sobresalido con su pintura y lo poco que le importaba lo que otros hacian.
Pensarias que era un un hombre valiente, pero en realidad era bastante timido y sensible y siempre se resguardaba en su hermano, y todo eso lo llevo a ser un hombre temperamental y antisociable, de hecho termino mentalmente inestable.

Se puede ver atrves de sus pinturas sus preocupaciones en cada momento de su vida. El era un hombre con problemas y de echo su vida termino de una manera tragica, se suicido. Su vida fue una vida triste, pero su obra estaba llena de color, de suenhos, de estrellas brillantes. 

A mi siempre me ha inspirsdo su obra.Cada vez que veia un cuadro de Paris, deseaba viajar a Paris con todas mis fuerzas. Cada vez que veia una de sus pinturas de flores, deseaba poder pasear por los campos llyudarle. enos de ellas. Cada vez que veia uno de sus autoretratos, deseaba poder ir y hablar con el para a
Vincent Van Gogh tiene la habilidad de no sentirme nunca impasible ante una de sus obras, y creo que eso es exactamente lo que hace que me guste tanto. Y hay varias pinturas que llaman la aten cion en especial..

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criss dijo...

Preciosa entrada para mi loco del pelo rojo. El cuadro pintado por mi más grande que tengo en casa es el de doce girasoles, antes de pintarlo me leí su biografía, la cual me encandilo, lo mismito que una novela.
Un abrazo.

Heather Henry dijo...

Very beautifully written. I think you captured the feeling of him very well. These three pictures are among my favorites of his. So beautiful. I love to see the world through the eyes of others and his was a truly unique perspective.

I hope you are doing well. Have a blessed and beautiful day!
Heather :)

junebug dijo...

I love Van Gogh. I found a print of "the cafe terrace by night" last year. Love it. I don't remember seeing the "Starry night over Rhone" before but I really like it.

Sylvia van Bruggen dijo...

I so love van Gogh's work. I am blessed for having seen a lot of his paintings up close at the Van Gogh museum for a huge exhibit they did years ago.

I read his letters too, alongside the paintings, so special to enter his brilliant mind

Madeleine dijo...

Van Gogh is one of my favourites too. Good V post. I wonder what happened to w and x? ;O)

Arlee Bird dijo...

Van Gogh had a very unique view of the world and captured it in such a memorable way. It's sad that so many times highly creative people are also very troubled.

You wrote this piece very nicely.

Hope you'll join us for The A to Z Challenge Reflections Post on Monday May 2nd.


Kristen dijo...

I love his works too.

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