viernes, 29 de abril de 2011

X - Xerography

To be completely honest, I have been looking at words starting with X, because I don't know many.
At first the only word that came to my mind was x-ray. But as I am quite tired of hospitals and all that I didn't want to talk about it.

As I was looking I found the word Xerography, which sounded familiar, so I looked it up.
What I found was fascinating, because I have just learn a very important artistic related technique.
Basically Xerography is a dry photocopying invented by Chester Carlson in 1938 that uses no liquid chemicals.
This resulted in the first commercial automatic copier.
Xerography is used in most photocopying machines and in laser and LED printers.

But what it took my attention is the fact that xerography was adapted to eliminate the hand inking stage in the animation process by printing the animator's drawings directly to the cells.
The first animated film to use this process was One hundred and on dalmatians (1961).
(I took all this information from Wikipedia)

This technique saved hours and hours of work to all illustrators, so I'm guessing that they know well this word.


Honestamente, he tenido que busar palabra que empezasen con X, porque no se muchas.
Al principio la unica palabra que se venia en mente era rayos x. Pero como ya estoy bastante cansada de hospitales y demas no me apetecia hablar de ello.

Buscando palabras encontre la palabra Xerografia, que me resultaba familiar, asi que la busque. 
Lo que encontre era fascinante, porque acabab de aprender una tecnica artistica muy importante. 
Basicamente la xerografia es una fotocopia inventada por Chester Carlsonen 1938 que no utiliza ningun quimico liquido.
De esto salio la primera fotocopiadora automatica.
Xerografia es utilizada en la mayoria de las maquinas fotocopiadoras, en las laser y las LED.

Pero lo que llamo mi atencion es el hecho de que la serografia fue adaptada para eliminar el proceso de copiado a mano en animacion copiando los dibujos directamente en las celulas.

La primera pelicula animada en la que utilizaron esta tecnica fue en "Los ciento y un dalmatas" (1961).
(Informacion tomada de Wikipedia).

Esta tecnica ahorro horas y horas de trabajo a los ilustradores, asi que imagino que ellos bien que conocian esta palabra.

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Kristen dijo...

Very cool to know thanks for a new word.

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