miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

I love my bracelet

I saw a lovely bracelet in Niky's blog.
She read a very useful tutorial and she made the most beautiful orange bracelet with cooper and glass. Just beautiful.

Well, as I am an envious terrible person, I had to have one!!
I didn't have those beautiful beads that she had to make one exactly as she made it. I thought that since she lives in the UK and I live in a rural village here in Spain, it would be very unlikely that we will meet by surprise and then, ups! we were wearing the same bracelet!, but as I mentioned before I didn't have the same beads, so the next step was: Plan A, go to the UK and beg her for the bracelet, or Plan B, go to the UK and steel it from her.
As you can see, I love going to the UK, and anything can be a good excuse to go.

Jokes apart. I checked the fantastic tutorial by The WireWorkers Guild and I tried my own version of it.
As I am very pale but with dark hair, black suits me quite well, so I decided to make it all in black. I just got different sizes of Agathe beads and I made my very own Roaming Wire Banglette.
The clasp was my very first attempt of making one, so, it is good this bracelet is not going for sell because is not one of my finest works, but overall I am pretty satisfied.

I asked Niky if she didn't mind me posting about it, well, actually, I just told her that I had made one of those bracelets because I liked hers so very much, but I didn't want to copy or anything like that and she was kind enough to encourage me to post it, so she could see what I had done. She is such a star!

So here it is.
I hope you like it, and this is the first of many more using this technique.
(Maybe I should have made the picture over a white background).


Vi una pulsera en Niky's blog.
Niky encontro un tutorial muy bueno e hizo la pulsera naranja con cobre y cristal mas bonita. Preciosa.

Bueno, pues como yo soy una persona terrible y envidiosa, tenia que tener una para mi!!
Yo no tenia los preciosos abalorios que ella utilizo para hacer la misma pulsera. Pense que ya que ella vive en Reino Unido y yo vivo en un pueblo aqui en Espana, era muy improbable que asi de sorpresa nos encontrasemos y ups!! pero si llevamos la misma pulsera!, pero como he mencionado antes no tenia los mismos abalorios. Asi que el siguiente paso era: Plan A, ir a Inglaterra y rogarle que me diese la pulsera, o Plan B, ir a Inglaterra y robarsela. 
Como podeis ver me encanta ir a Inglaterra y cualquier cosa es una buena excusa para ir.

Bromas aparte. Estuve mirando el fabuloso tutorial por WireWorkers Guild y he hecho mi propia version de la pulsera. 
Como soy muy blanca de piel, pero con el pelo oscuro, el negro me sienta muy bien, asi que decidi hacerlo en negro. 
Justo tenia cuentas de Agata en diferentes tamanos e hice mi propia version del Roaming Wire Banglette.

Este ha sido mi primer intento de hacer un cierre, asi que menos mal que la pulsera era para mi y no para venderla, porque he de admitir que no ha sido uno de mis mejores trabajos, pero en general estoy muy contenta con el resultado.

Le pregunte a Niky si no le importaba si lo ponia en mi blog, bueno, en realidad le comente que habia hecho una pulsera como la suya y fue ella quien me animo a ponerlo en el blog, ya que yo no queria copia ni nada de esto, y muy por el contrario ella me dijo que queria ver mi version de la pulsera. Es un sol!

Asi que aqui esta. 
Espero que os guste, porque esta es la primera de muchas utilizando esta tecnica. 
(Quizas tenia que haber heecho la foto sobre un fondo blanco, pero bueno, ahi esta). 

5 comentarios:

Dee dijo...

I love it...and so glad you decided to make your own instead of stealing it..lol

SilverNikNats dijo...

It's Really beautiful Noemi! Glad you posted it, love the black and silver together looks very classic and classy!
Thanks for the link and Have a lovely day x

JUNE dijo...

Noemi...I didn't know how to contact you so I am writing here....I received the bracelet yesterday...thank you so very much...it's perfect!! I'm going to show it on my blog later so everyone can see...thx again...
xoxo june

Kristen dijo...

Yummy! I love the black too!

Title Loans dijo...

I actually like yours a little more. Though Niki's has a fun clasp. Now I want one! How long did it take you to make? I might have to try the tutorial for myself!

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