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Summer of colour - Bronte bracelet

This week for the Green work in the Summer of colour event I have chosen to work with sterling silver, CZs in two different sizes and to add the Citron colour for the challenge I've used a Jasper bead.

This piece has taken me out of my comfort zone to make for different reasons.

First, I wanted to apply a technique that I learnt some time ago with the focal beads, but the tutorial where I learnt it from showed how to make a whole bracelet rolling the wire around it, so it started with three loops and finished with a hook, so instead of doing the whole bracelet that way, I wanted to do that on just three beads, and finish the piece also with three loops rather than with the hook.
It took me few attempts to get it right, but finally I sorted the problem out, and I am quite pleased with the result.

Then, I wanted to try a different sort of design. If you know my work a bit you will notice that I like my pieces to be very symmetrical, and I wanted to try something different since this event is a great opportunity to try new things.
To achieve this I made a hook, which was my first handmade one and it has resulted in a very professional looking one, so no more already made hooks for me!, to close the bracelet on the side, and I made a bit of a simple chainmaille on the other side including four small CZs linking everything to the citron colour bead with a double ring handmade chain.

When Kristin suggested the citron colour challenge I didn't think I had any bead of that colour in my stash, but to my surprise I had this single bead that I bought ages ago, with a mix of natural stones, and the size for my design was perfect.

I have called it "Bronte". The reason I have called it so is that the main piece remind me to the Bronte sisters. Don´t ask me why, it just does.

Remember that if you would like this bracelet it will be available from my Etsy shop for purchase, and that shipment is free until the 4th of July to celebrate that I have reached the 100 followers in my blog, just use the code: 100FOLLOWERS when you check out.


Esta semana para el trabajo en Verde para el evento "Summer of colour" he elegido trabajar con hilo de plata, Circonitas verdes en dos tamaños, y para añadir el color citron para el reto de esta semana he utilizado Jaspe.

Esta pieza me ha sacado de lo que normalmente hago por varias razones.

En primer lugar quería aplicar una técnica que aprendí hace unos meses con las piedras principales, pero el tutorial donde la aprendí enseñaba a hacer la pulsera enrollando el hilo de metal por las piedras hasta completar la pulsera, comenzando con tres aros y terminaba con un gancho. Así que en lugar de hacerlo así en toda la pulsera, tan sólo queria hacerlo en tres piedras y terminarlo en tres aros en lugar del gancho.
Me llevó varios intentos, pero finalmente resolví el problema y estoy bastante contenta con el resultado. 

Luego quería intentar otro tipo de diseño. Si conoceis un poco mi trabajo habreis notado que me gusta que mis piezas sean simetricas, así que quería hacer algo distinto ya que este evento es una gran oportunidad para intentar cosas nuevas.  
Para conseguirlo he hecho un gancho, que sea dicho de paso es el primero que hago y ha resultado en un gancho muy profesional así que a partir de hoy ¡los hago yo!, y lo he usado para cerrar la pulsera a un lado, y he hecho una malla simple y pequeña del otro lado incluyendo cuatro circonitas pequeñas uniendo todo a la piedra color citron con una cadena de doble argolla.

Cuando Kristin sugirió utlizar el color citrón para el desafío no pensé que tendría alguna cuenta de ese color en mi colección, pero para mi sorpresa tenía una sola cuenta que compré hace tiempo, con un mix de cuentas de piedra natural, y el tamaño para mi diseño es perfecto.

He lla mado a esta pulsera "Bronte". La razón es porque esta pulsera me recuerda a las hermanas Bronte. No me preguntes porqué, simplemente me lo recuerda.

Recordad que si quisierais esta pulsera estará disponible en mi tienda de Etsy y en Artesanio, y que si compras en Etsy los gastos de envío son gratuítos hasta el 4 de Julio para celebrar que pasé la marca de ls 100 seguidores en mi blog. Simplemente utiliza el código 100FOLLOWERS en el momento de pago.

9 comentarios:

SilverNikNats dijo...

Noemi, It's really beautiful, love what you've done with the focal beads, you have made that techneque your own! and your clasp looks fantastic, can't wait to see more of your own made findings!

Mandy dijo...

Very pretty...xxx

Joanna dijo...

Such a pretty bracelt - and it was meant to be that you had ONE citron bead. I love that it is asymmetrical (and I'm usually a symmetrical person too!).

It's wonderful to have a jewellery maker taking part in The Summer of Colour event, it's beautiful artwork.

Sesenarts dijo...

I love this piece. I think its beauty lays in its asymmetry. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Julie

peggy gatto dijo...

Very beautifully made and I love the size of the links! I would love to be able to make jewelry. My few attempts never look professional!

Sharon dijo...

Gorgeous. You have a talent I wish I had.

Kristin dijo...

Oh my goodness! This is so unique and bold and Beautiful! I LOVE THIS so much - and it does have such a handmade, artisan look to it. It is really stunning!
And by the way, I know that next week's bonus of wax may be a challenge with jewelry - but if you want to go for it, anything that is inspired by wax would also do - anything waxy looking perhaps? It's totally up to you ;) xo

Jo Murray dijo...

Stepping out of your comfort zone is always a good thing. It's served you well this time... beautiful work.

Elis. ;o) dijo...

Olá Noemi, in España!

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog! I appreciated your thoughts about my green piece - since I always try to show the light and positive side of things. (So, there will be little or nothing about heartbreaks and such from me! Ha, ha!)

I love your jewelry! It will be fun to see how you solve each color-challenge! I will be back!

Wishing you a great day in lovely Spain - my favorite vacation place! :-))

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