domingo, 24 de julio de 2011

Post and promote - Week 2

Here we again promoting each others shops from the CAST Team!!
Check these out!

Sue Anderson, who is a grandma with two grandsons and who is a firm believer that Jesus is her saviour takes so many wonderful photographs!!
She would love to promote this one but there are so many pretty ones to choose from. I specially like the one with a blue house, but go yourself and pick the one you like the most.

Now meet Krafterskorner, from Missouri. She is trying to graduate from college debt free, so she could use a hand (or two). Her card is beautiful and affordable but she has many different things in her shop, mostly crocheted items.

Judy from AngelsNEverlasting has worked with dried flower arrangements for many years and she is offering this so unique item to decorate your home.

Heidi from Snow6154 is the loveliest!!
I am already a customer of hers and I am a very happy one!
I love many items from her shop but I would like to promote this beautiful stone. It is a quite large Brazil Onix multi-colour Agate pendant bead.

And finally Sheila from Sewfaithful, makes such cute dolls. They are delightful! 
Sheila learned to sew from her grandmother and she keeps learning new techniques to improve her sewing.
This is one in my "Things to learn" list. Sewing. 

5 comentarios:

Angels and Everlastings dijo...

Thank you for including my piece with this great collection of CASTteam artists.

Pretty Things dijo...

All so lovely!

krafterskorner dijo...

Thank you so much for including my item! I am honored!

myeuropeantouch dijo...

Fabulous them all♥

Crafty Mommas dijo...

very nice write up! lovely shops and ladies you have featured here!

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