domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

Summer of colours - "Leaves" Bracelet

You might be wondering where I have been lately.

Well, I have been a bit all over the place.
If there is something that I love about beeing in Seville is that I get to do lots of things!

I have been doing rehab for my leg and hip daily. I am getting better, but still I have a long way to go, so I need too keep it up.
I have been doing some more exercise by doing some shopping, and more shopping. Love that kind of exercise!! Don't you?
I went to see my grandma, who gave me a sewing machine!! Do you remember ho many times I've talked about me longing for one. Well, I have got it now, and I better start learning how to use it. Isn't she the best granny on hearth? Love her to bits (even if she didn't give me that sewing machine).
I had family coming over to see me and the girls. Loving it!
Oh yes! And I forgot that it was my baby sister's birthday party! She turned 23!

Overall I have just been enjoying the weather, the swimming pool, and my family. The only thing is that I miss my other half, but he will join us in three weeks time.

So with all this going on I missed my favourite colour in the Twinkle Twinkle challenge; Purple.
I have made quite a few purple bracelets, altough not for this chalenge.
I am thinking on making one for the showing off next week.

Now. For this week's challenge we had to work with Orange. 
Orange is a great colour!! I love to decorate with it. I have loads of orange things around the house but it is not a colour that I would use to dress myself with.
In fact on my wedding day I used Orange as the main colour. I got married outdoors in Summer, so it worked perfect with all the green of the venue, a beautiful garden.
(I will dig some photographs once I am back home to show you)

When I read about being orange this week's challenge, I thought of bright colours, sunshine and don't ask me why watermelon (I know it is not orange at all!).  It is such a happy colour! 
But then, when Autumn comes everything turnes orange, but a softer shade of orange. Pumkins, trees, soil, even the light and the air feels orange. 
I love Autumn. I have always done. It is the season of change, when everything dies to become alive again. 
It is like life itself, where we have to die to ourselves to let everything come alive, specially relationships. Isn't it true? Then it also makes me think of Jesus, where he had to die, so we could live. Fascinating!

Back to my piece!
I decided to go for the Autumn sort of orange and this is what I got. 
Sterling silver with CZ's, loads of sparkling Swarovski crystals and of course a leave shape clasp. 
It so beautiful. I am so sorry that the picture dont make it any justice. The spark, the bling but at the same time the soft colours makes it so worth having it. 
I hope you like it as much as I do.

3 comentarios:

Kristin dijo...

Oooh, so pretty!! I can only imaging how much it sparkles in the sun! I love the leaves clasps and the harmony of it - just stunning! Thank you for all that you have shared with us - and I hope you continue to enjoy your family time, xo

Jen @Sadie Inspired dijo...

Such a beautiful bracelet and perfect for the coming fall. Love it!

anthony stemke dijo...

This is a beautiful bracelet for sure.
Glad to hear you have been enjoying yourself.

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