jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

Blog hopping

For my Bead Soup Blog Party post please go HERE.


Well, I am still Blog hopping. 

As I am visiting each of the blogs that participated on the Bead Soup Blog Party, I am trying to leave sincere and thoughtful comments, and oh boy, that takes time. Too much time. 

And I am also trying to write an email to everyone who has left a comment on my Blog.
And that also takes time.

On top of that I am trying to really be on top of my game on Etsy, listing new items, joining teams to promote my shop and meet new and interesting people with interesting shops.
Also linking everything to my Facebook page and writing on my blog.
Again, time.

And if that wasn't enough, I have just joined pinterest. It is really cool, but honestly I don't see how is that going to promote my shop. If anyone knows, please let me know.
Time, time, time.

And all that is on top of everything else that I have to do at home, and going to Physiotherapy, and trying to squeeze sometime to make some jewellery. 

I know, I know that we are all very busy, I know.
But hey, do you want to know how do I get to do all?
Well, it is thanks to my many sleepless nights. I don't recommend it though. 
I have found a good way of seeing the hours go by when I can't sleep. I just get to work. So you see, that is one of the joys of working in something you love, that when you need to do overtime it is actually a joy.

Now, tell me, how do you squeeze everything that needs to be done?
We should ask Lori and see how she does it, and preferably without that much pie.
I still cannot see how she managed to visit and leave a comment on each and every single blog.

I take my hat off.


Bueno, pues aún estoy visitando blogs.

Según voy visitando los blogs de los participantes del Bead Soup Blog Party, intento dejar comentarios que sean honestos y meditados, y madre mia, cómo se tarda. Demasiado tiempo. 

Y también estoy intentando contestar a todas las que han dejado un comentario en mi blog.  Y eso también toma tiempo.

Encima de eso estoy intentando hacerme un hueco en Etsy, añadiendo más piezas, apuntandome a diferentes equipos para promocionar mi tienda y además conocer a gente interesante con tiendas interesantes.
También estoy usando más facebook.
De nuevo, tiempo

Y si eso nu fuse bastante acabo de registrarme a pinterest. es chulísimo, pero sinceramente no veo como eso puede ayudarme a promover mi tienda. Asi que si alguien sabe, porfavor que me lo explique.
Tiempo, tiempo, tiempo.

(Clock by Vector Cloud - Etsy)

Y todo eso encima de lo que tengo que hacer en casa, ir a fisioterapia e intentar hacer alguna que otra pieza.

Si ya se que todos estamos super ocupados, lo sé.
Pero, ¿No te gustaría saber cómo consigo hacerlo todo?
Pues es gracias a mi insomnio. aunque no lo recomiendo.
He encontrado la mejor manera de ver las horas pasar cuando no puedo dormir. Simplemente trabajo.
Y es que trabajar en lo que te apasionaes una gozada.

Dime, ¿Cómo consigues hacer todo lo que tienes hacer en un día?
Creo que le tendríamos que preguntar a Lori como lo hace, pero sin tanta tarta.
Aún no sé cómo ha conseguido visitar y comentar en todos los blog.

Me quito el sombrero.

2 comentarios:

Shirley dijo...

I'm with you, I don't know how Lori does it. I have lots of things that fall thru the cracks, and I don't even have an Etsy shop! I've heard lots of people talk about Pinterest, but I haven't seen the point to it yet either, unless it is to give you inspiration??

Lyn Foley dijo...

I agree as well - as you can see it is september 24th and I have just now made it to your blog. How does everyone else do it? And you have to write everything in 2 languages as well. Good grief. Muy bueno!

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