sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

The Summer of colours gran finale

It is so sad it is over.
I have really enjoyed myself taking part on this event. It has helped me to stretch myself and think out of the box.
When I finally decided to only make bracelets for this event I also decided to make them very different from each other.
I leave you with some photographs that my newest very best friend has helped me to take. But I actually missed to photograph two of the bracelets! How did that happen I don't know.
Well, he took the pictures, I just made the bracelets and helped him to prepare the setting.
(I will talk further about David some other time)

Blue - Summer in London

Green - Bronte (Picture not taken by David, can you tell?)

Pink - Holly

Yellow - Sunny

Brown - Luisa (No David's pictures)

Purple - Mora

Brown - Andy

Miracle Makeover Blog Party

As we get ready to participate on the great event that Lori Anderson has prepared with The Bead Soup Blog Party, there is another event going on called Miracle Makeover Blog Party.

If you would like to be part of something great, please head over Shery's Blog Country Wings in Phoenix, and read carefully Charlie's story.

A have been humbled by his tremendous generous heart, and the wisdom of his parents to be able to lead such a young boy, suffering from a brain tumor to overcome all fears and difficulties to become someone so great at such a young age.

Don't miss out on this opportunity of making something great today by just leaving a comment on Sherry's blog, as each comment left from today until the 18th of August counts as $1.00 donated by the sponsors of the next BIG Miracle Makeover.


Mientas nos preparamos para participar en el fantástico evento que Lori Anderson nos ha preparado con la Bead Soup Blog Party, está teniendo lugar un evento llamado Miracle Makeover Party.

Si quieres ser parte de algo grande, pásate por el Blog de Sherry Country Wings of Phoenix y lee atentamente la historia de Charlie.

La historia de este corazón tan generoso, y la sabiduría de sus padres capaces de educar a este pequeño que sufre un tumor cerebral a vencer todo miedo y dificultad para llegar a ser alguien tan impresionante a tan tierna edad me ha impactado.

No te pierdas la oportunidad de hacer algo maravilloso simplemente dejando un mensaje en el blog de Sherry, ya que desde hoy hasta el Miércoles 18 de Agosto cada mensaje equivale a $1.00 donado por los patrcinadores del próximo programa BIG Miracle Makeover.
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