sábado, 10 de septiembre de 2011

Next time you look for the word "Stupid" in the dictionary you may find a picture of me next to it.

Can you believe that I thought that Reveal day for the Bead Soup Blog Party was today?
Yep. As I have been so busy and my bead ingredients just arrived few days ago I have been working odd hoous to have everything ready for today. I even got to publish my post, but it was only when I started to check other blogs that I thought: "How weird...I can't believe that Nicky, and Courtney haven't posted their Bead Soup items yet..." And it was then that... "D'OH!!" I realized that it was not this Saturday but NEXT Saturday!!!

The good thing is that I already have my pieces done and I might just take better pictures as today was a bit cloudy and I could use a bit more natural light.
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