sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party - Reveal Day

Ok, now it is for real, the Bead Soup Blog Party has arrived!! And I am taking part!

Last week I got mistaken as I thought that the reveal day was last Saturday. Very clever, huh?
I had just arrived home from Seville after a month and a half at my parents, and I think that I was a bit lost, for  as soon as I got home I got to work on my pieces, thinking that the next day was 17th of September.
There is nothing like working under pressure.

Now let me introduce you to my partner Penny Ilagan.
She is from The Philippines and a very talented Polymer Clay artist. She makes wonderful pieces for you to use on your new designs, so if you would like to purchase something made by her just pop over to her Etsy shop, where you will not only find polymer clay focal pieces and clasps but other bits and pieces made of brass or natural stone.

She sent me the most gorgeous clasp ever. Honest.
I loved it as soon as I saw it, but as this is so different to the tiny ones I am so used to use it was a great challenge for me to find the right way to use it.
I normally like to make kind of simple pieces with not too many colours going on, so, Lori, you have partnered me perfectly as her clasp is TOTALLY the opposite.

(My Bead Soup ingredients)

The only thing I knew for sure when I started to make this bracelet was that I wanted the clasp to be the focal piece as well, as it is gorgeous. At the end I decided to go totally out of my comfort zone and use fabric with three different chains with lots of dangles. So not what I normally do.
I used a beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon, which works great with the clasp. I also added some of the mother of pearl beads that Penny sent me along with the tiny butterflies and some Swarovski crystals to add some bling to it.
So what do you think? Does still have my name written on it? I am not sure if I have achieved what I wanted.  Honest feedback!!??
By the way, it was so hard to take pictures of this bracelet that I am not sure that you can see it properly.
That's one of my new goals for this new year,  to learn to take proper pictures of my jewellery.

The focal Penny sent me is also fantastic. So beautiful and romantic. But again, not my thing at all.
For this one I kind of knew from the beginning what to make.
As the focal has so much going on, and it was so beautiful on its own, I was tempted to make a chain and hang it from it, but I thought that this deserved a bit more than just a simple chain. Still I kept it simple.
Again I used few of the beads that Penny sent me. I also used a brass key. It just felt right. Having the key to my heart next to it. It speaks of romantic stories to me. Doesn't it?

I am quite pleased with it, but don't know if I should have done something else. Should I have done something more complex?

I hope you liked what you have seen and don't forget to visit all the participants.
I know that the reveal day is today, but with so many participants I think we should call it the reveal weekend or even better the reveal week, so we don't miss on anyone.

Don't forget our great hostess Lori Anderson, who has created not only a great event but a great network, giving us the opportunity of meeting great and talented people from all five continents.

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