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BSBP: Reveal Day

The day has finally come!
This party seemed like a long wait, since this time I got my beads ages ago and I started to work on my pieces as soon as I got them.

To tell you the truth I am quite pleased with what I have made.
But first let me remind you who my parter is and where she is from.

My Partner is called Shiraz Biggie, and she is from New York, the Big Apple.
She writes a blog called Secret Songs Designs and if you would like to buy any of her creations she also has an Etsy shop.

She sent me a lovely selection of beads which were good fun to work with.
Seriously, I had many ideas but not enough beads to make them. I had even consider to ask her to send me more beads!
I have truly enjoyed working with this soup although I had a couple of challenges during the process.
If you would like to see what Shiraz sent me just go here.

Each piece has a bit of a story, so lets begin.

My first piece was a huge challenge for me because I didn´t like the beads. But that is ok.
This beads are traditionally used to guard you from evil as amulets, but I don't believe in the power of amulets or anything of the sort, although I do believe that there is a spiritual world and we should be aware of it.
The question is if these amulets do work, or if it is just a way for people to make money.
I believe that the best way of keeping yourself from evil is by having faith in Jesus. That's way I made that tag and I also believe that when things don't go well, you need to keep having faith and hope, as better times will come.
So this is  the story behind this bracelet. The beads themselves are powerless, but faith and hope are not. They have the power of lifting you up and take you far, take you to your goals and dreams.
So as you see, this bracelet started being something I disliked, but has become one of my favourites and I have decide to encourage someone else by giving it away to anyone who leaves a comment in this post.

For this bracelet I made two tags in copper with the words faith and hope, and I made the clasp also in copper.

My next piece is also a bracelet.
I made a focal piece using some of the mother of pearl beads Shiraz sent me.
It looks fantastic! And I love the fact taht the beads swivel.
Here I had two choices. One was to use the blue beads she sent me, wich are lovely or go with the colours of the focal. 
At the end I decided to go with the browns and beiges but then used red beads to break that soft palette of colours and I must say that it does work very nicely. 
Here I have also used the clasp she sent me. 

What do you say? Should I have gone with the blues instead?

And now the star of the show. 
I am just so sorry that my pictures are not that great and therefore don't really show all the colours and textures of the pieces.

Opposite to the other pieces I had no idea what to do when I started making this necklace, so I just had to go along and do what the beads were telling me to do (sort of speak). 
I started off with the thicker strand of beads, made with some of the beads Shiraz sent me and some that I had in my stash. I also added some bronze beads in different sizes, shapes and textures. It looked good but poor.
Then I made another strand with seed beads in different shades of brown. Nice, but it needed more.
Finally I had a piece of green leather that matched the colour of the focal piece to perfection. Thre was only one problem, it was too short! I had to add a bit of a chainmaille that I made myself and it looked the bussines.
For the clasp, I used another of those lovely square Mother of Pearl beads and made a little bar with copper and I had a pretty and unique clasp.
Then there was the issue of attaching the focal to the necklace. I made a bail with hammered copper and that was it.
This necklace is quite different to what I normally make as I make more simple and romantic pieces. But I am very happy with the end result.

I would like to thank you for your time and to Lori Anderson for organizing this event.

And if you would like to visit the other participants, get cracking as we are a lot of artists!
You can find the whole list with all the links in here.

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