viernes, 24 de marzo de 2017

BSBP - What I sent and what I got

On this last edition of the Bead Soup Blog Party (BSBP) hosted by Lori Anderson I got two partners.

My first partner is a very talented lampwork artist from the UK. Her name is Yvette Goodridge.

The focal piece, the long one right in the middle is her special one. It has a great value for her since she decided to make her own lampwork beads. It is a very pretty bead with intricate decorations. 
She also included few more beads made by herself. All pretty! Plus some findings and a very delicate silk ribbon. 
Overall a wonderful, generous and beautiful soup. 

My second partner is Silke Groeber from Germany, who is also a bead maker. I wasn´t planning on having two partners, but since she had problems with hers and we are both in Europe I thought that I could help. And let me tell you something, she has spoiled me big time!

The focal piece is in the middle and it is a gorgeous glass bead with different colours. It is really beautiful. No wonder she has been hoarding it! She also sent some pearls that she really loved. 

I would like to thank both of my partners for their generosity and easy going, because it has been a pleasure to meet them and to work with them. Thanks!

If you are wondering what did I sent I only have a picture of what I sent to Yvette, since the bead soup I prepared for Silke had to be sent straight away and I didn´t get the chance of taking pictures. 

See you around!

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