sábado, 25 de marzo de 2017

BSBP Reveal!!

I had so much to work with that I could have made a ton of pieces, but I decided to mash up a bit my two soups.

First things first. The two focal pieces I had to work with.

As soon as I saw this bead, the one Silke sent me, I knew that it was perfect for the silk ribbon Yvette sent. I just had two put a couple of silver caps and silver beads to finish off the ribbon and the piece was done. Such lovely colours and textures. Don´t you think? 

My jewellery is normally quite simple. I don´t mind colour but I tend to do things small. Most jewellery I wear is simple and petite. 
This piece I wanted to keep for myself. The reason is the meaning of the focal bead. When something inspires you enough to make you accomplish things and is a reminder of the power of a dream, it makes me want to keep it somewhere where I can see it, and in this case I wanedt to wear it. 
Even though this design is quite simple it was a challenge for me. Nothing worked! I had to cut the chain and solder it later because I couldn´t get it through the bead holes and I had to glue the ending pieces because they wouldn`t stay put!

I also made a couple of earrings ad some necklaces with some of the other beads I got and also some from my own stash. I will leave with some of the pictures. 
Unfortunately we have had really bad weather here in Spain, in fact it has been snowing quite a lot so the pictures don´t have very good lighting, but I can assure you that all glass is so pretty and reflect the light beautifully. 

Pearl and garnet earrings. 

Lampwork beads by Yvette and Silke and pearls with red wine leather

Lampwork beads by Silke and Lapislazuli beads with sterling

I hope you like what you see and please feel free to let me know your thoughts. Just remember to be kind even if you need to tell me off for whatever reason, and bearing in mind that English is not my first language I might sound rude when I don´t mean to.
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